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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Your Chatham Dentist in Winter

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As the holidays are now behind us, it’s time to catch up on things that may have fallen to the wayside, such as scheduling an appointment with your dental care provider! During the winter, our teeth can suffer from the dry air, cold temperatures, and lack of willingness to venture out into the cold!

Being aware of the negative health implications cold weather brings can help keep your teeth safe so that your oral health can remain in good condition heading into the spring.

Why Should You Visit Your Chatham Dentist in the Winter?

Avoid the Crowds and Long Waiting Times

Do you find yourself waiting a long time to see the dentist? It can be frustrating trying to book appointments during the summer and fall because parents and students are rushing to get ready for another school year. These are the times that dental clinics are usually the busiest. But if you have the opportunity to schedule your dental appointments during the winter, you may be able to avoid the rush.

In addition, during spring break, many students will also make appointments while they are home from school. Spring break usually lasts only a week compared to the holiday break, which can last up to three weeks. This means appointments will also be less concentrated during this time.

Flu Season Can Affect Your Teeth

Getting sick with the flu does not just have an effect on your sinuses, but it also can cause discomfort with your oral health. This is because when you are sick, you are most likely consuming high-fructose cough syrups or cough drops and other medicine. These will have an impact on your teeth, especially if you do not keep up with your brushing and flossing routine. Other drugs might contain citrus, which can damage the enamel on your teeth. It is also important to switch your toothbrush after you have been sick to avoid reinfection.

Get prepared for spring

While you and your family might be huddled up inside enjoying the winter months, you should know that dental appointments are generally easier to find during this downtime! Springtime is fast approaching, so make sure to be proactive about your dental appointments to start the New Year!

If you need to schedule a dental check-up, regular cleaning, or any other appointment, February is a great time to do so! Contact Brookside Family Dental today to book your appointment today. We are always accepting New Patients!

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