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What Are the Procedures Dentists Use to Whiten Yellow Teeth?

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For many people, years of coffee, tea and smoking can leave teeth looking less than bright. But no longer is a dull smile something to be self-conscious about. Thanks to modern teeth whitening solutions, glowing smiles are now achievable for all.

Dental professionals offer a variety of safe and effective whitening procedures tailored to each patient. Dentists can develop a whitening plan to enhance smiles, whether in-office treatments or custom-fitted trays for at-home use. Consultations allow examination of teeth and assessment of the best approach.

While drugstore kits offer affordability, there are drawbacks to be aware of. At-home whitening carries risks if not done correctly or as directed. Sensitivity, soft tissue irritation and uneven results are potential issues without guidance. Improper use can even damage enamel and gums over time.

Professional whitening remains the top choice for guaranteed safety and the highest likelihood of success. Dentists personally handle sessions and closely monitor teeth. Tailored to individual needs and pre-existing conditions, prescribed strength solutions safely and progressively lighten without worry of mishaps or wasted effort. 

What Are the Procedures Dentists Use to Whiten Yellow Teeth?

  • In-office whitening

This is the most common and fastest teeth whitening procedure. If you are interested in a quick fix, in-office whitening treatments can get rid of yellow teeth, and you will leave your dentist’s office with a brighter and whiter smile. The dentist will first have to clean your teeth to remove hard stains your toothbrush cannot remove, and professional cleaning will ensure you have cleaner and better-looking teeth

Gauze will be placed in your mouth once your teeth are free of tartar to keep it dry and protect soft tissues like gums, cheeks and lips from the whitening gel that can otherwise cause irritation. Your gums will be painted with a protective barrier to prevent irritation, and a retractor will be used to relax your jaw and make it easier for the dentist to apply the whitening gel. After the whitening gel is applied, a special light will be used to activate it and ensure it bonds with your teeth. The entire treatment will take about an hour to complete. 

  • Tray whitening

While this procedure is not performed in the dental office, the dentist provides patients with these whitening trays. This option is great for patients without time to sit in a dental chair while the dentist works on their teeth. If you want a professional whitening treatment you can complete at home, tray whitening is ideal, and your dentist will provide you with customized trays to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. 

The trays must be worn for a couple of hours every day for about four weeks or more, and this timeline will depend on the level of discoloration of your teeth. 

How long will the results last?

Teeth whitening solutions are not permanent, so your teeth will become discoloured again, especially if you smoke or drink lots of tea, red wine, or coffee. Additionally, the level of whiteness you achieve will depend on a few factors, including the condition of your teeth, the level of staining and the type of whitening procedure you choose. 

Brushing your teeth immediately after consuming foods and drinks that can cause stains is recommended because this will help the results of your whitening treatment last longer. It is also a must that you maintain a proper oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing twice a day. 

Dental Procedures at Brookside Family Dental

Do you want to whiten your teeth to achieve a brighter smile? Brookside Family Dental will discuss the different teeth whitening options that are available. Furthermore, our dentist will consider your needs and desired results to provide professional recommendations.

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