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What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Dental Implants Leamington

If you are searching for dental implants, Leamington is home to our Brookside Family Dental office and we can help you determine the best solution that works for your tooth replacement. You may be wondering what materials comprise the dental implants that we provide for our patients here at Brookside Family Dental.

While titanium is the most common choice, a metal-free alternative known as Zirconia is also a viable option. Unlike titanium, zirconia is biocompatible, durable, and strong. Learn more about this metal-free alternative here. The post used in dental implants is made from titanium alloy. The prosthetic tooth is attached to this post using an abutment.

Zirconia: A metal-free alternative to titanium

While the corrosive nature of titanium can cause complications, zirconia dental implants do not experience such problems. They are made of two separate pieces, which is helpful if the implant needs to be angled or set into an angled jaw. Zirconia implants are non-allergenic and thus ideal for patients with titanium allergies. They also don’t have a high failure rate, which is a significant factor when selecting a dental implant.

The zirconium implants are similar to titanium, including their high strength, and the fact that they are metal-free. However, despite being similar to titanium, zirconia implants exhibit less allergic potential and are more biocompatible than titanium. They are also more durable than titanium, demonstrating excellent osseointegration and bone-to-implant contact, and they have a much lower inflammatory risk than titanium implants.

Biocompatible Dental Implants: Leamington Trusts Brookside Family Dental

The term “biocompatible” means that a material can coexist with living organisms and tissues without causing adverse reactions. There are many criteria used to determine biocompatibility. Biocompatibility also relates to the biomechanical properties of the material. Its mechanical properties are related to the biomechanics of the organ or tissue in which it is intended to be used. For example, the materials absolutely must be biocompatible with human cells.

Biocompatible materials can seamlessly integrate with the human body. For example, ceramic implants, which are more biocompatible than metal ones, are non-reactive to the body’s tissues. Because of this, they can be used in various biomedical applications, including replacing damaged soft tissues in the body. The biocompatible properties of ceramic implants enable patients to use these materials without fear of a severe biological rejection or a self-defense response. Further, ceramic implants are more stable than metal ones, meaning they are less likely to cause an adverse reaction.

Dental Implants: Tough & Durable

The materials used for dental implants vary greatly, but titanium has long been considered the gold standard. While titanium is naturally biocompatible, some alloys contain trace elements to improve mechanical properties. Titanium alloys are typically composed of 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium and are heat-treated to enhance strength. The result is a durable, low-density material that resists corrosion and fatigue. A variety of other materials are being tested for durability and effectiveness in dental implant applications.

3Y-TZP (Zirconia) ceramics are designed to be fabricated into single-piece endosseous (meaning “within the bone”) implants. They are formed by sintering blanks at a high temperature and hard machining from fully sintered blocks. The final sintering temperature, however, varies by manufacturer. This can affect the final grain size and phase stability of the ceramic. For example, zirconia implants have a fracture strength of 512.9 N.

Dental Implants in Leamington

If you require a replacement for a missing tooth, an excellent solution is dental implants: Leamington trusts the caring, compassionate family-oriented dental care we provide at Brookside Family Dental, and we can consult with you for your dental implant needs. Get in touch today at 226-494-4000 if you are looking for dental implants in Leamington or for any other dental services.

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