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Quitting Smoking? Here Are The Oral Health Benefits

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Smoking is a bad habit with adverse impacts on your physical, mental, and oral health. Quitting a smoking addiction is difficult, but when successful, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that await you!

Improve Your Breath

Smoking reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is an essential component when it comes to oral lubrication and neutralizing acids and bacteria. Without the right amount of lubrication, acids cannot be neutralized, and bacteria may not be washed away, which contributes to bad breath.

Fewer Bacteria

When you smoke, you introduce foreign bacteria into your mouth with each inhale. Bacteria can contribute to infections in your mouth and make it a lot harder for mouth sores to heal at all. When you quit smoking, you immediately stop introducing foreign and toxic bacteria into your mouth. In turn, this improves your body’s ability to fight infection and prevent disease.

Less Plaque Build-up

A combination of less saliva and lower blood flow means plaque can stick to your teeth a lot easier. More “stuck on the plaque” contributes to the risk of developing gum disease. To reduce your levels of plaque, visit Brookside Family Dental, or another dentist in Chatham, regularly for check-ups and dental cleanings.

Less Staining

The chemicals in cigarette smoke are a significant factor in the staining of the tooth enamel. The yellowing of your enamel is not something that goes away easily either. When you stop smoking, you are no longer introducing the thick and brown smoke, giving your teeth a chance to avoid significant stain damage.

Better Gums

When you smoke, you reduce your body’s blood flow. This means less blood reaches your gums and can begin to destroy your naturally healthy gums. As this condition progresses, you could develop gum disease and even lose your teeth. When you quit smoking, you restore your body’s natural blood flow, giving your gums a chance to do their job.

Lower Chance For Oral Cancer

With the unnatural introduction of chemicals into your mouth, you are running the risk of developing oral cancers. When you quit smoking, you immediately reduce your risk of developing oral cancer along with other cancers like lung and stomach. If you are concerned about oral cancers, speak with a dentist about a cancer screening at your next appointment.

If you haven’t fully given up smoking, make sure you visit the dentist regularly to screen for any potentially life-threatening conditions and keep your teeth in good shape. Book your next appointment with Brookside Family Dental by calling today!

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