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Emergency Dental Services in Chatham and Leamington: What to Do in a Dental Crisis

Emergency Dentist Chatham

The most important thing you can do during a dental emergency is to act fast. The sooner you get the dentist, the higher the chances of restoring your smile. It’s natural to panic, especially if you have a broken tooth or see blood coming out of your mouth. This would be terrifying for anyone, but you must remain calm to follow the necessary steps. You must first call your dentist to schedule an emergency appointment, after which you must take the right steps to protect yourself and your teeth.

Regardless of whether you are experiencing excruciating pain or mild discomfort, you must get to your emergency dentist fast. Some patients will experience nerve damage, while others may feel pain when they bite down or drink a cold beverage. Whatever the case, if you have a knocked-out tooth, a broken tooth or any other dental emergency, the key is to act fast. 

Emergency Dental Care

Once you arrive at your emergency dental appointment, the dentist will take X-rays and use these images to determine the tooth’s condition. These images provide valuable information and can detect if the soft tissue inside the tooth is damaged; in this case, the tooth will likely need a root canal, and the dentist will know exactly how to proceed.

If the pulp is not damaged, you may only need a crown; the dentist will confirm all this information. An emergency dentist will do everything they can to save the natural tooth, even if it is knocked out, but extraction may need to be performed if this is not possible. 

Steps to Take:

  • Recognize a dental emergency 

Understand the situations that count as a dental emergency. Uncontrollable pain, severe bleeding and numbness and a knocked-out tooth all require emergency dental care.

  • Do not ignore the situation

Not all dental emergencies are considered life-threatening, but no situation should be ignored because even if you don’t feel pain at that moment, the situation can worsen. Waiting to see an emergency dentist and leaving an issue untreated can lead to additional pain and discomfort, and you may require a costly and invasive procedure.

  • An abscessed tooth counts as a dental emergency

An abscessed tooth can be infected with bacteria. This infection can spread to your surrounding teeth and even into your bloodstream. You must seek treatment right away to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Contact your dentist for professional advice if you are unsure about the situation. 

  • Understand that dental emergencies can occur for a variety of reasons

A cracked tooth, tooth trauma or oral swelling/infection will all require immediate medical attention, while other issues can be less serious but will still require treatment right away. Depending on the severity of the situation, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics or pain medication to help manage your discomfort. 

  • Contact an emergency dentist right away

If you are experiencing oral pain, you need to call an emergency dentist immediately to schedule an appointment and receive the required treatment.

  • Apply ice

Apply an ice pack to the area until you get to the emergency dentist because this can help reduce swelling and pain. 

Emergency Dental Services in Chatham and Leamington

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